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All Lap Records are recorded at any Qualifying or Race from January 2022 onwards.

If you have beaten one of these in a Qualifying or Race, send an email to [email protected], and add the event + session where it was beaten.

ClassTime Anti-ClockwiseDriver Anti-ClockwiseTime ClockwiseDriver ClockwiseClass Order
Cadet 4SS48.859Maxwell Padilha--------1
Cadet 948.438Jarvis Hindle49.930Alana Gurney2
Cadet 1247.565Austin Mcpherson48.899James Flynn3
Junior 4SS48.861Levi Ross--------4
KA3 Junior Light44.026Aiden Schweikert44.771Jai George5
KA3 Junior Championship43.980Noah Enright--------6
KA3 Junior Heavy44.907Angus Fletcher45.526Aydan Warren7
KA3 Junior Ladies44.911Scarlett Stevens--------8
Lewis Cordato43.194Luke Puddick9
4SS Senior Light49.410Darcy Briggs51.227Steven Chipman10
4SS Senior Medium49.851Brayden Slama50.729Simon Arnold11
4SS Senior Heavy50.570Nathan Daley51.066Nathan Daley12
TAG Restricted Light44.098Grace Riddell44.578Spiros Anagnostopoulos13
TAG Restricted Medium45.186Ian Branson45.539Leigh Holmes14
TAG Restricted Heavy46.446Shannon Hogg47.138Zachary Marshall15
Victorian Combined Masters44.803Anthony Pethebridge45.233Ian Branson16
KA3 Senior Light43.885Jaylen Paragreen44.032James Snaith17
KA3 Senior Championship43.998Benito Montalbano--------18
KA3 Senior Medium44.732Zachary Thompson45.330Jarrod Bottomley19
TAG 125 Light42.569Benjamin Munro42.949Benjamin Munro20
TAG 125 Championship42.770Ean Eyckmans--------21
TAG 125 Heavy43.407Leigh Nicolaou44.400Liam Pollard22
X3042.055Bradley Jenner--------23
KZ240.887Dylan Guest--------24

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