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The sport of Karting has classes that caters for all ages, weights, and experience levels. The classes below are run at majority of Karting Victoria race meetings. Series and State Championship classes are indicated below.


Cadet 9 (6 years of age – 9 years of age)
The purpose of this class is to teach young people to drive karts of restricted performance at a limited cost. Competitors use a 60cc two stroke engine such as a Vortex Mini Rok fitted with a restrictor plate or Comer SW80 engine with a clutch. Drivers aged 6 are only allowed to practice and, drivers must be 7 years of age or older before they are able to compete in a race.
Weight: minimum kart and driver Comer 90kg / Vortex Mini Rok 100kg

Cadet 12 (9 years of age – 12 years of age)
Using the same principal as the Cadet 9 class the Cadet 12’s use a 60cc two stroke engine such as a Vortex Mini Rok (unrestricted)
Weight: minimum 110kg (kart + driver)

KA3 Junior (12 years of age – 15 years of age)
KA3 Junior Light class and KA3 Junior Heavy class
IAME KA100 (fitted with a restrictor)
Weight: minimum 132kg Light, 150kg Heavy (kart + driver)

KA3 Senior (15+ years)
KA3 Senior Light/Medium/Heavy class IAME KA100 engine. Weight: minimum 150kg Light, Medium 170kg, 190kg Heavy (kart + driver)
Max weight of kart in Seniors Med/Heavy = 97kg.

4SS Senior (15+ years)
The development and Homologation of “Factory Sealed” 4 Stroke engines resolves many of the technical compliance issues so as to allow 4 Stroke engines to be used in Club Competition and Social Karting activities encompassing the traditional sprint racing format with the underlying principle of fostering greater participation in the sport. For the avoidance of doubt, the 4SS Class is considered to be an introductory Class and as such is restricted to use solely in Social Karting and Club Karting Competition and a single State Trophy Event in each State unless and the Ultimate Club Racer event otherwise approved by KA.
Light: 140kg. Medium: 155kg. Heavy: 170kg.

TAG 125 Restricted (Rotax, IAME X30, PRD Galaxy etc) (15+ years of age or older)
Caters for entry level competitors using push button or key start engines such as the Rotax MAX, X30 and PRD Galaxy engines fitted with a restrictor plate. The engines used in these classes are watercooled and are fitted with a clutch and provide an easy step from beginner into the more powerful 125cc Open categories.
Weight: Light 160kg. Med/Masters 180kg. Heavy 200kg.

Victorian Combined Masters (Karting Victoria class) (40+ years)
This Division is in accordance with the TaG 125 Restricted Class Rules – Chapter 12 and KA3 Class Rules – Chapter 6 with the only amendments being the Minimum weights for the Masters Division which are as follows: IAME KA100 168kg, All other engines: 175kg
NOTE: The Minimum weight of a Kart fitted with a KA3 Engine may be adjusted throughout the year to achieve parity with the TAG 125 Restricted Engines.

Class weights are subject to changes, refer to the KARTING AUSTRALIA KA Manual under Class Rules.


Protective Gear

General requirements applicable to drivers always whilst engaged in the act of operating a Kart and as set out in the KA Manual must be adhered to.

• Helmet – Must be of the full face type and not exceed 10 years from manufacture date.
• Driving Suit – Must be a one-piece garment which is worn as an outermost layer. It may be constructed of a single layer or multiple layers and is designed to entirely cover the wearer except for the head, hands and feet. Must have full length sleeves and trousers of which the ankles and cuffs must be close-fitting. Must be adequately secured at the neck, wrists and ankles.
• Gloves – One piece item of protective equipment that must cover the hand entirely, extending part way up the arm. Must be securely fastened at the wrist. Must provide full finger protect. Must be resistant to abrasion.
• Shoes – Must cover the whole foot and extend above the ankle. Must be securely fastened. Must be resistant to abrasion.
• Rib Protectors - are mandatory for all Cadet and Junior Drivers
• Neck Braces and chest protectors - are recommended for all Drivers
• Ear Plugs - are recommended for all Drivers

Long hair must be securely retained with a hair net, hood, balaclava or driving suit. All safety equipment should meet the standards set in the current KA Manual.

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